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On-demand design conversion to pixel perfect HTML/CSS template and WordPress theme for startups, indie makers, agencies and freelancers.

I loved my experience with Design Thingy. As a non-technical person they made sure I understood what was happening and why. The prices were very fair and I would say in some ways they were less than I was expecting to pay. With that said, it does not mean that the level and quality of work was bad. I was so pleased with the quality of work produced and will 100% be using Design Thingy in the future

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3-7 days turn around ?

Best quality with fast turn around.

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No upfront cost ?

Pay after conversion of your design.

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Long-term support

If any bugs emerge in the future, just get in touch to get them fixed.

Simple pricing

We have created simple straight-forward plans. The plans are based on the complexity of work. Starting at just $189 USD.


We convert design to pixel perfect website

We convert your design, PSD, hand-drawn layout, web UI into pixel perfect, responsive, semantic, standards compliant HTML/CSS template and WordPress theme.

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We're a White Label Studio

We work as an anonymous extended team for our clients and doesn't show or mention any client project, screenshot, digital content, name, or anything-anywhere-to-anyone.



All plans are based on the complexity of work. When you fill up the order form and describe your requirments, we will suggest you the best plan for your project.



per project
  • Design file conversion to HTML/CSS template
  • 5 page per project


per project
  • Design file / hand drawn wireframe / discriptive idea conversion to HTML/CSS template
  • Simple transitions
  • Maximum 5 pages per project


starting from
  • Design file / hand-drawn wireframe / discriptive idea conversion to HTML/CSS template
  • Simple transitions and animations
  • Unlimited pages

Gutenberg Plugin

starting from
  • Design file to WordPress gutenberg block
  • Transitions and animations
  • Video tutorials
  • (Starting from +$99/year) Plugin Maintainance


starting from
  • Design file to WordPress template
  • Transitions and animations
  • Upto 5 pages
  • ACF, Gutenberg blocks
  • Video tutorials
  • (Starting from +$50/month) Maintain your site with us


starting from
  • Design file to WordPress template
  • Transitions and animations
  • Unlimited pages
  • ACF, Gutenberg blocks
  • Video tutorials
  • (Starting from +$50/month) Maintain your site with us

Simple straight-forward

No hidden fees - No hazzle - No tricks, Just quality work

Frequently Asked Questions

Sketch can export design files in HTML/CSS and there are also plugins and apps out there to do this job, then why should I choose you?

You are absolutely right! There are tools and apps to convert the design to HTML/CSS but these tools don't deliver you fully responsive, error-free, clean coded, pixel perfect, fully cross-browser compatible, hand-coded template. But we do! This makes us different from them.

How long does it take to convert the designs?

Simple designs take 1 to 3 days to complete.
For moderate and complex designs, you can expect the work to be completed between 1 to 3 weeks.

How does the add-on plan work?

Add-on plan is a monthly (optional) plan that you can buy with your project plan.
With add-on plan, you can ask for unlimited work, modifications and website pages on the same project. You can also queue the tasks.

What do you mean by white label studio?

DesignThingy is a Whitelabel studio. That means we'll work anonymously on your project and no-one ever knows about it.
As you may have noticed that we don't have a portfolio and client section on our website, this is because we don't sell our clients information, or show anything related to their project.
If you're wondering why it is essential, then the most straightforward answer is that most of our clients are other studios who like to work silently.

Do you make custom Gutenberg plugin and block?

Yes, we provide custom WordPress Gutenberg plugins and Gutenberg UI blocks development service.

How do the cost work? How to choose the correct plan for my project?

We have 3 plans based on a complexity of the design and work.
When you upload the design and describe the work, we analyze the design and suggest you the most suitable plan as per that.
All plans have a one-time fee and an add-on option.

Are there any hidden/additional fees?

No. The package comprises of all that you need to pay including the fees and the taxes.

In the add-on plan, What is considered as 1 task? How much time does it take to complete each task?

A task is defined as an activity where you assign us to do something. Each task usually takes 1-3 days to complete, depending on the complexity of work.

What are other services do you offer?

We only provide following services

  • Sketch to HTML
  • Figma to HTML
  • PSD to HTML
  • Adobe XD to HTML

and we also provide design to WordPress conversion on-demand.

Who are you guys?

We, @kantbtrue and @savydv are developers and designers. We make stuff online like QDONOW, Themes For App, Engigogo, send out a weekly newsletter called Initiator Creator, and watch some Anime.